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Sorry, I was too quick in sending my last posting. I should have added at least two footnotes giving the most important papers which started to make me think the way I do (in the order of me reading them): 

Staal, Frits (2006). “Artificial
Languages across Sciences and Civilisations”,
Journal of Indian Philosophy, 34:

Chandrasekhar, Prasanna (2004/2005), “7.
The Ancient Indian Phonological Classification”,
samskrta.com/scripts/Ch7_IndianScripts-b.pdf, last retr. 2012.06.16 I should also add that I actually already presented most of this 2008 at 제2회 한국어학회 국제학술대회 (The 2nd International Conference of  [the] Association for Korean Linguistics) in Seoul. The reaction was as seems to be normal at occasions like this: no negative remarks, friendly patting on the back for the effort (only Kim Minsu reacted positively to the ideas saying this looked like it should be studied further)   Final note: I should also add that the excerpts are not from a scholarly publication but a couple of essays directed to a non-scholarly public, so I tried to be as little technical as a dull scholar like me can manage to be... 
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