[KS] World Expo 1970 Turtle Ship pavilion?

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Sat Aug 31 11:49:24 EDT 2013

Can't help with photos either, except for this which is all over the 
Maybe following the architect's trace would get you to some journal 
with good shots?  Kim Su-gŭn was after all the father of modern Korean 
architecture, and I would think that he introduced his project in his 
journal _Konggan / SPACE_. It is a very important magazine, GSD 
(Frances Loeb Library) might have a copy, although I think not the 70s 
issues. Maybe you even find something at the magazine's online DB, if 
it goes back that far: http://www.vmspace.com  If not there, search 
other coffee table books on Kim Su-gŭn and the SPACE group. 

Here is well-made professional promo video about the 70' Expo by the 
Australians. It is worth watching, very enjoyable. Maybe the very last 
year in history the world community still believed in a modern future 
through technological advances. The first Japanese nuclear power plants 
went on-line, girls were wearing mini skirts, and Vietnam was not lost 
yet. Great architecture, all over! Today you go to some architecture 
biennale and all you see are small papier-mâché models and computer 
design projections by people having too much fun playing around with 
GoogleSketchup or Autodesk. 

Australian promo, 70' Expo:

Another nice one, a ride with the mono-rail, giving a good idea of how 
impressively large the entire Expo was.


Frank Hoffmann

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