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Dear List members,

The latest issue of the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies has just been published, and we would like to inform you of the contents. As usual, we offer you an interesting mix of the latest research on Korea old and new by both junior and established scholars from all over the world. 

Seoul Journal of Korean Studies, vol. 25 no. 2 (Dec. 2012):

WANG Sixiang. The Filial Daughter of Kwaksan: Finger Severing, Confucian Virtues, and Envoy Poetry in Early Choson (175-212)

KIM Daeyeol. The Social and Cultural Presence of Buddhism in the Lives of Confucian Literati in  Late Choson: The Case of Tasan (213-241)

MOON Soo-Hyun. An Analysis of the Debate over Conscientious Objection in Korea (243-274)

KIM Keongil and NAM Hwasook. Alternative Narratives of the 1980s South Korean Labor Movement: Worker Identities in the "Worker-Student Alliance" (275-301)

To receive an issue or for information on how to contribute, please contact us at seoul.journal at gmail.com
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