[KS] Is there such a book as the Jodae-gi in existence?

Andrew zatouichi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 19:17:15 EST 2013

Dear all,

Was there such a history book as the *Jodae-gi/Chaodai-ji* (朝代記), and if so
is it still extant?

On internet searches there's very little clear information and it tends to
be mentioned as a source quoted in the *Hwandan-gogi* (桓檀古記) which was
clearly a modern creation.

According to the Korean history database (http://db.history.go.kr) there's
one mention of the *Jodae-gi* in the *Joseon-sillok*, and that's it.

The reason I ask, is because the *Jodae-gi* is being directly quoted from
in Seo Byeong-guk's *발해제국사* ('History of the Balhae Empire' 2010, p70) in a
passage concerning the Goguryeo general Dae Jungsang, father of the first
Balhae king.

I would already class Seo's 450 page book - which for a change has an
index, but no bibliography - as extremely subjective history writing, but
if he is quoting made up sources then it becomes largely pseudo-history.

As ever, I'm grateful for any thoughts.

Andrew Logie
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