[KS] bibliographies: Zotero, anyone? (was: full-text services)

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Fri Jun 21 01:21:37 EDT 2013

Re: "crowdsourced bibliography of Korean Studies"

On what basis would such a general bibliography on Korea still be 
useful in 2013? What do you estimate is currently the percentage of new 
publications that are missed in other, easily available bibliographic 
and full-text DBs plus those in old publication not yet being present 
in bibliographies in electronic format? 

That kind of work, time, and cost could well be put into other, 
forward-looking projects of establishing access where access is not 
there. And with access I do not just have those few specialized 
scholars in mind who get well paid for teaching and research positions 
and who go back and forth to Korea and who all have access, however 
unsystematic and unorganized that might be, but maybe school teachers, 
students, or the general public--or researchers from non-Korean Studies 
fields who want to look into things Korean. Hasn't the field changed, 
is there still anything like "field studies" and "cultural locality" 
(if so, how long?), haven't the means of information collection 
changed, and shouldn't then the tools also be appropriated? Are there 
still any students or PhD candidates left that go through 
bibliographies to find sources of information and research (no irony 

Access to major U.S. and Korean full-text academic journals, other 
publications, and sources for both, those outside and those inside the 
ivory tower, that would be worth a dime! 


Frank Hoffmann

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