[KS] Mein Kampf in Korean

Juljan Biontino j.biontino at arcor.de
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Good evening,
as far as naver, RISS and library websites offer, the first Korean 
translation of Mein Kampf was made bei Yi Jun-hwan in 1961. I guess 
before 1945 it may have been circulated in the Japanese translations 
that date back to the Thirties.
Unfortunately, the history of reception of this "book" in East Asia 
remains thoroughly unclear.

If someone knows research papers about the topic whatever the language 
I'd be happy to know about them. Thanks in advance.


Juljan Biontino
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21.06.13 19:29, Frederic OJARDIAS:
> A (very) quick Naver research gives at least three different translations
> http://book.naver.com/bookdb/book_detail.nhn?bid=2614033
> (plus this rather surprising manhwa adaptation...)
> Frederic
> Frederic Ojardias
> Radio France Internationale
> Correspondent, Korea
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>> Dear Michael
>> I bought this book last year in Seoul (2008 edition).
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>> Further the report of KJU presenting his top henchmen with Mein Kampf, can
>> anyone confirm this has been translated into Korean? I don't suppose it was
>> translated specially for the occasion....
>> Michael Rank

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