[KS] full-text services -- *SURVEY*

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Sat Jun 22 15:42:41 EDT 2013

Dear All:

Here is a small (just six questions) SURVEY. That may help us getting 
some better idea what the interest and actual need is on getting access 
set up to full-text services to academic publications and sources. I 
have some idea of how that can be achieved, but it is still an idea. In 
any case, getting a better picture about the overall situation and need 
will be good. 


The survey is completely anonymous! -- neither time nor IP nor anything 
else, other then answers, are recorded. And it will again be deleted in 
two weeks.  
Please all participate, if you have the 5 minutes it takes. 

Thank you.

Frank Hoffmann

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