[KS] Basic Korean inputting on Mac

Donald Baker ubcdbaker at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 16 16:46:22 EDT 2013

Try 2-set Korean. That should work.

Don Baker

On 2013-03-16, at 12:58 PM, Michael Rank <rank at mailbox.co.uk> wrote:

> My Korean is extremely basic but I do occasionally want to input Hangeul on my Mac. But I can't remember how to form syllables, when I want to write e.g. 평양 (which I copied and pasted) it comes out as 펴ㅇ ㅇㅑㅇwhich is no good at all. I think I did know but have forgotten... In the menu bar I have 3-Set Korean and show Keyboard Viewer, is this the best setup? 
> Many thanks,
> Michael Rank

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