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Tue Nov 12 01:06:17 EST 2013

Dear all,
on behalf of Prof. Chung Young-soon from the Academy of Korean Studies and Prof. Leonid Petrov from Sydney National University I would like to invite you to particiapte in the following event:
The Korean War and East Asia Seminar
About the seminar: This study is a part of the continuing collaborative project, “Northeast Asia and the Korean War: Legacies of Hot and Cold Wars in Contemporary Constructions of the Region”, sponsored by the Australian Research Council and led by Professor Tessa Morris-Suzuki (Australian National University). This project strives to provide the first comprehensive study of the socio-economic, cultural and ideological impact of the War on Korea's neighbours: China, Japan, the Russian Far East, Taiwan and Mongolia. By analysing the profound effects of the War on these areas, this project will deepen the understanding of the Cold War in the region, and provide a historical framework for moves to overcome continuing crises on the Korean Peninsula.
Venue: The Academy of Korean Studies (www.aks.ac.kr)
You can reach AKS from Seoul by taking bus 9004 from Kangnam stn. exit 10 (a bus stop in the vicinity of Teenie Weenie), or bus 9003 from either Seoul stn.(exit 9-1) or Euljiro 3-ga stn. (exit 12, walk to the intersection and you will see the bus stop to your left, in the middle of the street), or bus 1550-3 from Sadang stn. exit 4.
13:30 -15:30
1) Jeanyong Lee (Inha University): "Korean War and Citizenship of the Korean-Chinese: Loyalties and Making a Sub-Nation."
Discussant: Kathryn Weathersby (John Hopkins University, The Korea University)
2) Heo Man-ho (Kyungpook National University): "Military Demarcation Line in Korean War Armistice Talks: Pseudo-Negotiations between Strident Antagonists"
Discussant: Ahn Cheong, (Seoul National University of Education)

15:30-15:40 Break time

3) Leonid Petrov (Sydney National University): "War and Peace in Korea: A Russian Perspective"
Discussant: Kim Yong-jik (Sungshin Women’s University)
4) Narangoa Li (Syndey National University): “Mongols in the United Front of Communism during the Korean War”.
Discussant: Kwon Hee-young (AKS)
5) Tessa Morris-Suzuki (Syndey National University): "The Misremembered War: Japan and the Korean Conflict 1950-1953".
Discussant: Nam Bo-ram (Institute for Military History Compilation)

17:30-18:00 Free discussion and closing.
You can send me an email if you need more details: agnieszkasm at hanmail.net
Best wishes,
Agnieszka Smiatacz
The Academy of Korean Studies 
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