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I take it that you are just interested in preserving lay-out....... or is it 
just long files of text including paragraph /line returns etc. that you want 
If it is the latter you want, I can't see it being too hard, the former 
would be more difficult...but potentially still doable if you really need 
the lay-out.
I have been using Macs since 1991, although of late have done most of my 
work on PCs.
It is possible to run Mac OS7-OS9 on intel macs quite well......the simplest 
way would be by using Sheepshaver, which is a method originally devised by 
some academics and others to manage to run Macintosh Wordperfect on 
Macintosh Power PC chips, and then on Macintosh Intel Chips.
I will be busy with my current workload until the end of November, but if 
you wanted to send me one of your files, I would see what I could do early 
in December.
Kind regards,

Nick Spencer
Rising Sun Communications Ltd.
(Chinese, Korean and Japanese Translators)

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Thanks, Professor Janelli. It seems the issue you had and solved was
less severe (seems not to apply here).
I am almost convinced now that there seems no way to convert old MS
Word texts WITH East Asian fonts saved in MS Word 6 or other 1990s
versions under OS 7, 8, or 9 on a new Mac.

Up to Mac OS X.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac still would run Rosetta, a piece
of binary translator software that allowed to emulate the old PowerPC
processor applications on new Intel-based Mac hardware. In other words,
we could run a virtual "Classic" OS like Mac OS 9, and *older*
applications would just automatically open under that virtualized OS.
Older MS Word texts with CJC fonts, created in the 1990s, would thus be
available. Since Mac OS X.7 (Lion) Rosetta is gone, and so this is
impossible now.

It seems the only way to convert old texts (again, the problem are just
the Asian fonts), would be to somehow create PDF files *on* an old OS
7, 8, or 9 system. ... But I am even not sure if those would then be
readable (with correct display of Asian fonts). ... I believe though,
that those old MS Word versions did not have the "Save as PDF" function
build in.


On Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:13:48 +0000, Janelli, Roger L. wrote:
> Dear Frank,
> I’ve experienced a similar problem and found that inserting a single
> Korean letter at the start of a word converts the whole word to
> Hangeul. Then the inserted latter can be removed.
> Beat,
> Roger
> On Nov 13, 2013, at 4:39 AM, Frank Hoffmann
> <hoffmann at koreanstudies.com> wrote:
>> Dear All:
>> A quick question:
>> On the Mac I mostly used "AppleMyungjo" in the 1990s, and a font of
>> that name is still present now in the latest OS (X.9). But I only see
>> scrambled text like this: ãÛ≠ å´ßÔ
>> The problem seems to occur because of the Unicode conversion, I think.
>> No interest to research that, just looking for a practical solution.
>> Does anyone know of a way to convert old MS Word texts using
>> AppleMyungjo or similar old CJK fonts so the characters show again?
>> Did you experience the same problem on Windows PCs?
>> Best,
>> Frank
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>> Frank Hoffmann
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Frank Hoffmann

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