[KS] The ABCD Framework of K-Strategy: The Secret to Korea's Success

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Fri Apr 25 22:50:17 EDT 2014

The ABCD Framework of K-Strategy: The Secret to Korea's Success

KSP Special Seminar

Hwy-Chang Moon - Dean, Graduate School of International Studies; Professor of International Business and Strategy at Seoul National University

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Economists and business scholars have long tried to construct theoretical models that can explain economic growth and development in emerging economies, but Western models have not always been fully applicable to developing economies, particularly in Asia, due to differences in political, economic and social systems. Created to address this gap, the ABCD framework of K-Strategy is a more nearly universal approach showing how inherent disadvantages can be overcome and competitive advantages achieved. Using the ABCD framework, the lecturer will analyze Korea’s success at both national and corporate levels since the 1960s and discuss the framework’s implications for Korea’s future government policies and corporate strategies. He will also demonstrate the ABCD framework’s applicability to other countries. Hwy-Chang Moon, dean of Seoul National University’s graduate school of international studies, has done extensive research and theoretical work on the ABCD framework.

12:00p.m. – 1:15p.m. – RSVP required by May 4

Philippines Conference Room

Encina Hall, 3rd Floor, Central

Stanford University

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