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Sun Feb 16 11:13:43 EST 2014

If I'm not mistaken, the Korean peninsula was under Japanese control since the turn of the 20th Century, if not earlier. Then, at some later point, Korea became a colony of Japan.

In 1949, U.S. intelligence interviewed a Japanese chemist from Hungnam who was offered the oportunity to build a heavy water plant at Hungnam in the mid-1930's. Since heavy water had no practical application or industrial applications until the 1940's, Jun Noguchi who operated the facility decided not to construct that heavy water plant at that time. What the Japanese did after WWII broke out is an open question.

Then in 1978, that Japanese chemist wrote a book in which he discussed those heavy water plant negotiations. Unfortunately, the book is in Japanese and I don't speak a word of it. I know this is a Korean group, but under the circumstances, is anyone out there capable of translating a page from that Japanese book into English? I can't pay very well. In fact, the only thing I can offer is credit for doing the translation in a footnote in my book-in-progress on Japan's atomic program in Korea during WWII.

Contact me directly if you are interested in participating this project.

Thank you.

- Bill Streifer  
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