[KS] A Korean refugee knew about Pearl Harbor in advance

Yong-Ho Choe choeyh at hawaii.edu
Wed Feb 19 18:12:52 EST 2014

If you examine his fantastic claims carefully, you can see his credibility
is very low. I would not trust this man, who, I believe, is a consummate

In a Congressional hearing on Pear Harbor Attack, his name is listed as a
person  who received monetary payment on three different occasions from the
Japanese cunsulate office in Honolulu in 1936.

A report by the Japanese consul-general in Honolulu (to the Japanese
foreign minister), dated March 9, 1936, states that Han Kil-su is "a spy
for our office (tokan choho-sha)" in addition to being a spy for the US
Navy Intelligence. Han then provided the Japanese with inside information
on the recent squabble within the Korean community and several documents
related to Korean nationalist activities.

Yong-ho Choe

On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 1:21 PM, Bill Streifer <photografr7 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Mark,
> As you probably are aware, Sumner Welles, the former Under-Secretary of
> State, wrote in his book, "The Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor in December
> 1941 had been accurately predicted by alert Koreans." I also have
> approximately 20 (censored) letters to and from Kilsoo Haan, in addition to
> his Congressional testimony (as I believe I originally explained).
> Bill
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> On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 5:42 PM, "caprio at rikkyo.ac.jp" <
> caprio at rikkyo.ac.jp> wrote:
>  Dear Bill,
> I think the "important" Korean "refugee" was Haan Kilso who was neither
> important (albeit interesting in my mind) nor a refugee. He did claim to
> have this information on Pearl Harbor and did tell someone. His papers at
> Santa Cruz (UC) show a letter from someone telling him to keep his mouth
> shut or else. Haan had information on many issues including the German
> invasion of Russia. He was a main rival to Rhee in Washington. There are
> things in English written on him. I include discussion on the PH rumor and
> other predictions by him in a paper that should (I hope) appear soon in
> print. In my opinion his PH prediction alone would be a stretch unless you
> have more information. The paper I would be interested in reading would
> consider--assuming he had information--would look into his connections in
> Japan.
> Good luck,
> Mark Caprio
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