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Just a reminder that the deadline for proposals is coming up on March 3. 
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Call for Papers

American Academy of Religion: Korean Religions Group

Annual Meeting, November 22–25, 2014

San Diego, California

The American Academy of Religion is holding its 2014 meeting in San Diego, California, November 22–25. And the Korean Religions Group of the AAR invites you to submit proposals for panels or individual papers. Any proposal relating to Korea and religion will be considered but particular consideration will be given to proposals addressing the following themes:

Possible Themes for the Standalone Session:

1.  Religion and society in Korea: How religions have influenced and have been influenced by societal forces in Korea from the premodern period to the present
2.  Religion and politics: Formation and dissolution of official religions in Korean history; doctrinal, cultic, and institutional expressions of official religions; religious legitimation in politics; contestation over the representation of religions in secondary schools and the military in South Korea; religion and the Kim regimes in North Korea
3.  Popular religions in Korea: magical beliefs and practices; cultic and material dimensions; demographic changes and popular religions
4.  Environment, climate change, and religion in Korea
5.  Healing in Korean religions
6.  Gender and religion in Korea
7.  Religion and social conflict in Korea

Themes for the Cosponsored Session with the Christian Spirituality Group:

Sacred Places and Spaces over Time in Korea: issues regarding sacred places and spaces in Korean history (for a cosponsored Session with the Space, Place, and Religion Group):

Formation and evolution of sacred places in Korea:  Examples: Mt. Odae in Kangwŏn Province (Korea’s Mt. Wutai with links to the Bodhisattva Manjusri); Mt. T’oham, Sŏkkuram, and Pulguksa; and the evolution of sacred space at Kyŏngju's Hwangnyongsa; Namsan in Kyŏngju (from being a Buddhist Elysium to a UNESCO World Heritage site); Chŏltusan, the sacred site of Catholicism; Mt. Paektu in North Korea (and Tan’gun and Km Il Sŏng); and Yanghwajin Foreigners’ Cemetery in Seoul (from being a burial ground for the foreign deceased to a sacred place for Korean Protestants)

Contests over sacred places and environment in Korea: e.g., conflict between early Protestants and traditionalists over the construction of churches on certain sites; contestation over the building a naval station at Kangnŭng, Chejudo; Mt. Mani on Kanghwa Island and Tan’gun

Mountains and mountain gods of Korea

The effect of rapid industrialization on sacred sites of Korea

Comparing sacred places and spaces in major religious traditions of Korea

Paper proposals for either of these sessions must be submitted through the PAPERS system on the AAR website. The deadline for proposal submission is Monday, 3 March 2014, EST. Notification of acceptance or rejection of proposals will be made by 1 April 2014.

For further information about the 2014 meeting, visit, the American Academy of Religion web site (www.aarweb.org). If you have any questions about KRG’s session, please e-mail them to Deberniere Torrey (djtorrey at gmail.com ) and Richard McBride (rick_mcbride17 at hotmail.com). Thank you.


Deberniere Torrey, Cochair, University of Utah
Richard McBride, Cochair, Brigham Young University, Hawaii

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