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Sun Feb 23 23:13:01 EST 2014

This just in (note especially the panel "Making of Korean Literature"):

Call for papers: MLA 2015

The East Asia Divisions of the MLA invite you to submit paper proposals for any of the following panels, which we are planning for the January 2015 Modern Language Association annual conference, to convent in Vancouver, Canada.

Supernatural Narrative and East Asian Modernity
Relationships between modern constructions of the supernatural (e.g., film and fiction) and "traditional" narratives (folk and elite). 250-word abstracts to Paul Rouzer (pro... at umn.edu) by March 10. by 10 March 2014; Paul Rouzer (pro... at umn.edu).

Diffusing Memories: Writing the Past in the Present
Seeking papers which explore the transmission of memory and memoir writing across media, aesthetics, and ideologies in East Asian Literatures. abstracts, 250 words by 15 March 2014; Monika Dix (md... at svsu.edu).

The Making of Korean Literature
Korean Literature as a conceptual category:vernacular composition; cultural translation; its place in the globalized production. 250 words abstract and a brief CV by March 15, 201 by 15 March 2014; Meera Lee (mle... at syr.edu).

Writing the Future: Children's Literature in East Asia
Literature for (or by) children, particularly with reference to transitions to modernity in 19th and 20th centuries. 250 word abstracts to Charlotte Eubanks (cde13 at psu by 10 March 2014; Charlotte Eubanks (cd... at psu.edu) and Melek Ortabasi (ms... at sfu.ca).

No Last Words: Contesting Official History in Contemporary East Asian Literature and Film
This session will examine contestation in contemporary East Asian literature and film over censored historical events. 250-word abstract by 15 March 2014; Thomas Chen (tch... at ucla.edu).

Agential Landscape in East Asian Literature
Seeking papers that explore the ambiguity in human and nonhuman “interdependence” and address agential non-human forces while resisting anthropo-centric impulses. 250-word abstracts by 10 March 2014; Xinmin Liu (xinmi... at wsu.edu ). 

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