[KS] "Petition; "Make U.S. high school curriculums more inclusive of Japanese War Crimes during WW II"

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1. Why is this blatantly political appeal appearing on the list?

2. Why should the US permit an instrument of American public opinion to be
hijacked to sharpen the nationalist axe of one foreign nation against
another in a controversy in which the only US interests is that it is
settled between the nations in interest in a manner that is mutually

3. What procedural safeguards exist to ensure that, in connection with a
device that is intended to provide for the ostensibly sua sponte
expression, and perhaps official Presidential affirmation, of American
public opinion, petitioners' identities as US citizens are confirmed (and
the propensity of Korean nutizens to vote early and vote often is
effectively curtailed)?

"The purpose of today's training is to defeat yesterday's understanding."

On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 2:03 PM, Henny Savenije <
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>  I know and have known many people who were in an Indonesian (Japanese)
> concentration camp, some family members, some friends, some who spent their
> youth there.
> Each and every one of them told me that they hated the Koreans more than
> the Japanese, the Korean camp guards were more cruel than the Japanese. I
> knew one couple, he, Dutch spent the war in an Indonesian concentration
> camp, she, Jewish, spent the last part of the war in a German concentration
> camp. They both stated that the Japanese camps were more brutal.
> At 02:34 PM 2/7/2014 Friday +0100, you wrote:
> Dear Bill Streifer,
> A woman who spent her childhood in an Indonesian concentration camp
> managed by Japanese told me that the workers of the camp (not the
> prisoners, in this case) were Koreans. The manager of the camp was Japanese.
> As I learned at my Jewish Orthodox school in Gush Ezion, Israel, the
> Nazist treatment of Jews included complex relationship with the Jewish
> leadership. There was this famous case of one of Jewish ghettos in Europe,
> where the leader of Jewish community first supplied to Nazis goods made at
> the ghetto factory, then labor force, then a certain number of people, then
> children. The rest of the ghetto people included the leaders were killed by
> Nazist just a few weeks before liberation.
> My specialization is 'technologies of self'. Technologies of self includes
> how to build a person, and how to break a person. Nazist, communist and
> similar regimes have a particular set of skills and techniques, that
> include moral/spiritual demoralization, humiliation and elimination. You
> can apply these techniques to a person, and also to a nation.
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