[KS] A Korean refugee knew about Pearl Harbor in advance

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Dear Bill,

I think the "important" Korean "refugee" was Haan Kilso who was neither important (albeit interesting in my mind) nor a refugee. He did claim to have this information on Pearl Harbor and did tell someone. His papers at Santa Cruz (UC) show a letter from someone telling him to keep his mouth shut or else. Haan had information on many issues including the German invasion of Russia. He was a main rival to Rhee in Washington. There are things in English written on him. I include discussion on the PH rumor and other predictions by him in a paper that should (I hope) appear soon in print. In my opinion his PH prediction alone would be a stretch unless you have more information. The paper I would be interested in reading would consider--assuming he had information--would look into his connections in Japan. 

Good luck,

Mark Caprio

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> On 2014/02/19, at 0:18, Bill Streifer <photografr7 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> According to a U.S. intelligence report and testimony during a Congressional hearing, an "important" Korean refugee from Japanese-occupied Korea said he was aware of Pearl Harbor in advance. I am considering writing a paper on the subject. Can anyone suggest a journal that might be interested in this topic (unless it has been discussed before)? I would also like to hear from anyone who can offer additional information on the subject.
> -- Bill Streifer
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