[KS] A Korean refugee knew about Pearl Harbor in advance

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Yong-ho Choe,

Was Kilsoo Haan a double-agent? Even so, even a double-agent might have significantly reduced the carnage: 4,000 military personnel killed or wounded, 21 ships sunk, beached or damaged, and over 300 aircraft destroyed or damaged, by offering the U.S. Navy the heads up that a Japanese attack was imminent.

Bill Streifer 


If you examine his fantastic claims carefully, you can see his credibility is very low. I would not trust this man, who, I believe, is a consummate self-promoter.
In a Congressional hearing on Pear Harbor Attack, his name is listed as a person  who received monetary payment on three different occasions from the Japanese cunsulate office in Honolulu in 1936.
A report by the Japanese consul-general in Honolulu (to the Japanese foreign minister), dated March 9, 1936, states that Han Kil-su is "a spy for our office (tokan choho-sha)" in addition to being a spy for the US Navy Intelligence. Han then provided the Japanese with inside information on the recent squabble within the Korean community and several documents related to Korean nationalist activities. 
Yong-ho Choe
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