[KS] North Koreans in Brazil?

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Dear John,

There is a PhD dissertation on this topic (Korean and Chinese POWs). 

Grace J. Chae, "Captive Minds: Race, War, and the Education of Korean War POWs in US Custody, 1950-53" (PhD diss., University of Chicago, 2010).  

I think there is a South Korean novel depicting the situation you mentioned, but can't remember the exact title. 



Jul 24, 2014 9:09 AM John Eperjesi <john.eperjesi at gmail.com> 작성:

> In Korean American writer Paul Yoon's new Korean War novel "Snow Hunters," a North Korean soldier spends two years in  POW camp "near the southern coast" of South Korea, "near an airbase."
> After the war, rather than be repatriated, he is given the chance to move to Brazil, which he does.
> Can anyone help with materials than can develop the historical context for the POW camp and/or North Korean migration to Brazil after the war?
> Much thanks in advance,
> John
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