[KS] RAS Korea Transactions Volume 88

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Thu Jun 12 03:31:32 EDT 2014

Members of this list might like to know that the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch has just published a new volume of its Transactions, This is Volume 88 since the first volume appeared in 1900. Our journal cannot rival more 'officially recognized' academic journals in the field but we try to publish serious articles about Korea past and present. The Contents of this volume are:

Czechoslovakia in the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission Alex Švamberk
In Memoriam: Alan Heyman (1931 – 2014)
Christianity, American Missionaries, and Korean Immigration to the United States, 1903-1915   Wayne Patterson
1945: Korea Faces a Post-Colonial Industrial Future   Bill Streifer
>From Traditional Opera to Modern Music Theatre?  Jan Creutzenberg
Symbolism and Literary Reference in Traditional Korean Gardens  Jill Matthews
Korea in the Asian Crisis of 1997 - 1998: the IMF Crisis in Korea  Hank Morris
Jean Perry: Twenty Years a Korea Missionary      Gigi Santow
An English Chemist Visits Korea in 1899       Ed. Brother Anthony
Robert Thomas’s First Trip To Korea             Ed. Robert Neff
Recently Published Books about Korean Studies

Transactions is sent automatically to RAS members. Others (including libraries) can order it from the RAS at   royalasiatickorea at gmail.com for $15 plus postage.

The last item, a new feature for Transactions, attempts to list recent books published in English related to Korean Studies, especially those related to Korean history and culture. We would like to expand this list and keep it up to date. It can be seen at http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/RecentKoreanStudiesBooks.html and I would be grateful to learn of other titles that should be included, please email  me.

Brother Anthony
President, RAS Korea

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