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Roald Maliangkaij roald.maliangkay at anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 12 19:41:34 EDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

Having read the important recent post by Brother Anthony (and Thomas Duvernay) warning us of the potential abuse of pictures from Okinawa Soba's Flickr website, I believe it is a good time to announce a major update of the Pictori image library website.

Following the very good advice and comments from list members, we have rebuilt and reorganised the Pictori website, and added categories, changed the logo, and increased the size of the watermark (for additional protection). Please note that only registered members can see large versions of images. Registering also allows users to share, upload and manage their own collections, and do so within a well-protected environment (via ANU web servers, which are all carefully protected and backed up constantly). Your uploads remain your property.

Unlike Flickr, Pictori offers the option of watermarking your images. I also noticed that several of my images on Pictori that I had not watermarked were shared on Facebook without any mention of the source, so I would recommend watermarking your images, and even allowing only smaller-size versions of your images to be viewed. I have so far not found any of the watermarked ones (small or large) to have been shared without my permission.


Please note that the site now includes approximately 100 unique photos taken by Harold Hardy-Smith, a mining engineer who lived in Korea and Japan around the years 1914 to 1916. Among the scenes are weddings, shaman rituals and market places.

I sincerely hope more people will sign up and share images. Please see the about page for more info on how to use the site and the pictures.




Dr. Roald H. Maliangkay
Head, Dept. of Korean Studies
College of Asia & the Pacific
Baldessin Precinct Building #110, Room E4.37
The Australian National University
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