[KS] Variable Romanization of ?(?) in McCune-Reischauer

King, Ross Ross.King at ubc.ca
Thu Mar 13 12:58:49 EDT 2014

Hi Frank:

Silverstein's work has huge influence in the fields of language ideology more generally, and linguistic anthropology more specifically. If you're asking about research responding specifically to the 'limits of awareness' idea, there is a lot, and it is probably easiest found by google scholar-ing 'Silverstein' + 'limits of awareness'; certainly there is work on honorifics that uses it, on women's language, on ideophones, on clicks in Bantu-Hottentot language contact (Judith Irvine and Susan Gal have written a lot), etc. If you are more interested in the ways in which metalinguistic awareness can loop back into language change, there, too, there is a substantial literature, depending on what exactly you are looking for. 


> (...)
> certain cases where the linguistic phenomenon in question is somehow
> more salient or accessible to lay speakers--see Michael Silverstein's
> work on 'the limits of awareness').

Very nice! Thanks Ross!
Was there any other *major* article/book after Silverstein's "The
limits of awareness"???
I mean, any major paper that would have moved that discussion further?


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