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Thu Mar 20 02:38:12 EDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,
If you are attending the upcoming AAS meeting in Philadelphia, please try to make it to the CKS (Committee on Korean Studies) General Meeting, which will take place on Saturday 29 March at 8:30 PM, in room 414/415 of the Conference Hotel (Marriott Downtown). The following items are on the agenda:- Chair's report on activities, update on the CKS website (www.koreanstudies.org)- Discussion of the Journal of Asian Studies Editor's Report (concerning the low number of KS contributions)- NEAC Korea grants- Initiative with Sungkyunkwan University to draft an MOU to develop Korean languages skill for KS scholars not based in Korea- Any other items relevant to KS at the AAS that you would like to bring up.
See  you there!

Sem Vermeersch

Associate Director, 

International Center for Korean Studies

Seoul National University

599 Gwanangno, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742

Tel. +82-2-880-4038
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