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Mon Mar 24 20:28:32 EDT 2014


I've discovered a fascinating article about WWII-era Korea that's virtually absent from the Internet.

Written four months before the end of the war, the article -- written by a scientist who worked in Korea for three years before the war -- makes four broad points: 1) During the war, Korea was nothing more than a tool in Japan's expanding war effort 2) Why did Japan use Korea in this way? 3) What are Korea's strengths? 4) Assuming the Allies win the war, what it will take for an independent Korea to stand on its own two feet after years of oppressive rule by its Japanese masters.

If you are the editor of an English-language journal (in the U.S. or Korea), I would like to hear from you. At that point, I'll give you all of the details including the author's name and his bio. If we come to terms, I'll gladly transcribe the printed copy to text and add the author's bio at the top of the article (if you like). Since I'm writing his bio, I know him pretty well. Maybe too well.

-- Bill Streifer 
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