[KS] The Travel Note on Korea by British Horticulturist James Herbert Veitch and His 1892 Ho Jo (호조, Inlnd Travel Permit are at AGS Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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Hello All,

Ms. Angela Cope, Senior Academic Librarian at the American Geographical
Society Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries has graciously
allowed me to share the following image with you.


As the image at the link shows, the American Geographical Society
Library is fortunate
enough to own Veitch's personal copy of his "A Traveler's Notes",
published in 1896. The Library was doubly blessed with Veitch's "Ho Jo(호조,
Inland Travel Permit) which had been pressed into the cover. Veitch arrived
in Korea in 1892, two years before Isabella Bird Bishop.

All foreigners travelling to inland of Korea, except the Chinese, would
have had to bear the permit. For instance, George Clayton Foulk had to have
this same permit for his travel to the southern part of Korea in late 1882,
even though he was a diplomat. He had expressed frustration
with the Chinese, who acted as they were above the law, traveling without
the same permit.

This Ho Jo,  "I*ssued to English gentlemen  xxx  on June Eighth, 1892, the
Year of Dragon (Lunar calendar)" permitted Mr. Veitch to travel to Gangwon
do, Diamond Mts,*, *Wonsan*,* and Pyongyang*.

The Ho Jo is not only a travel permit but also it enables the bearer "*to
get special letters which can be signed for the outlay incurred in each
village and redeemable at Soul; the American residents do this, but the
English Consul had not the power to obliged me* (page 148)." Additionally,
the Ho Jo also allowed the bearer to refresh government horses he was using
at the various government corrals(역참) along the his travel route. George
Foulk had used both Korean government funds and horses.

This is only the third Ho Jo that I am aware of. The first two are at the
New York Public Library, one issued to George Foulk for his travel to the
southern part of Korea in the winter of 1884 and the other issued to
medical missionary, Dr. William B. Scranton for his travel to Wonsan in

 A Traveller's Notes
 A traveller's notes, or, Notes of a tour through India, Malaysia, Japan,
Corea, the Australian colonies and New Zealand during the years
1891-1893. (Notes
on Korea pages 142-157)


Ms. Cope's description of the book;

"So, the ho jo on the cover of this book is inset - sort of "letter press"
style pressed into the cover. It appears to be a print - so likely this
James Herbert Veitch's from when he traveled and used as decoration on the

That's my somewhat educated guess.

There is a book plate indicating that the AGS bought the book from Steven &
Browns book dealers - so that's no help in regards to who owned it before
AGS. The book was bought in 1910 and there is another book plate on the
inside of the front cover. Not terribly legible -


You may share that ho jo without formal permission."


Yoo Kwang-On
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