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Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Tue Apr 7 22:07:09 EDT 2015

> The problem with Gubbins, if memory serves me right, is he was at 
> Chemulpo and not at Seoul.

Robert, good you bring this up -- gets me a change to add a 
postscriptum: just found that Leifer's source was Rosalie von 
Möllendorff's biography of her husband: see pages 37-39 and 64. He ALSO 
stayed in Chemulp'o, but it seems he was on a very regular basis, over 
three years, also in Seoul -- seems he was at the time Lowell was 
there, that's why I mentioned him. Reading his correspondence, I am 
sure, will clarify that (SENDEr addresses there, as you will already 
see in the searchable index, is Chemulp'o and Seoul). But please check 
on your own and do not rely on my 50 seconds research here.

As for the Austrian Joseph Haas (aka Josef von Haas), since Haas was 
back in Shanghai by 1st of October 1883 to attend his usual business -- 
getting Sicilian thieves into prison, etc. (see http://goo.gl/tb9iq3, 
based on _The North-China Herald_, 10 October 1883), he could not have 
met with Lowell during his winter 1883-84 stay, I think. Or was he 
going back and forth, and that during the winter months?


Frank Hoffmann

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