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Dear Colleagues:

As many of you probably know by now, we have recently launched an IUC for advanced academic Korean language at Sungkyungkwan University in Seoul. We have hired two excellent full-time instructors, and SKKU has already proven to be an extraordinarily resourceful and helpful institutional partner.

We are just now concluding a small summer pilot program with 4 students which by all accounts has gone quite well, and which has generated useful feedback for fine-tuning the program as we move forward.  

However, because of the usual bureaucratic delays and funding hiccups that so often bedevil new initiatives like this one, we got our official ‘launch’ announcement out in June, long after most graduate students had made plans for AY 2015-16, and thus have a dearth of applicants for the fall semester and the first full-fledged academic year session.  

At this point we would like to appeal to any of you who might know of a graduate student (or perhaps a recent Ph.D, or even an advanced undergrad) who does not have firm plans for the fall (or who has more flexibility in his or her schedule than usual) and who could benefit from intensive language instruction, not to mention a stay in Seoul? Needless to say, at this point, it looks like the few students we have for the first full-fledged semester of the program can expect a luxurious teacher-student ratio!

Students should have the equivalent of three years’ instruction in Korean and should not be native speakers of Japanese or Chinese (problems of pedagogy).  The IUC can offer free dorm space for single students and a substantial discount on tuition.  The fall term begins on September 1 and ends December 18.

Please let us know if anyone comes to mind.

Ross King (UBC) and John Duncan (UCLA)

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