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*University of Haifa and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem*

*The Asian Sphere: Trans-Cultural Flows Program*

An Inter-University and Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

*Call for Enrollment of Doctoral Students*

*The Asian Sphere *offers a unique opportunity for outstanding candidates,
at the MA and PhD level, to enroll in a multidisciplinary and
inter-university graduate program that deals with the Asian continent.

*The Asian Sphere *is a joint Israeli program between the University of
Haifa and the Hebrew University, funded by the *Humanities Fund *of the
Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education in
Israel (*VATAT*) and *Yad Hanadiv*. It is a structured graduate program of
excellence that deals with the entire Asian continent as a continuous
civilizational zone and addresses cross-regional contacts and processes
among Asian societies, cultures and states and to a lesser extent between
Asia and other continents throughout history until present time.

Apart from a dynamic and exceptional environment of learning and research, *the
program offers a large number of scholarships *for outstanding graduate
students. The scholarship for PhD students are in the amount of 60,000 NIS
per year + full tuition for three years.

*The Asian Sphere *accepts students from different disciplines in the
humanities and social sciences, such as Asian Studies, Islamic and Middle
Eastern Studies, Art History, Archaeology, Geography, Political Science,
International Relations, Cultural Studies, History, Religious Studies,
Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, and more. Research topics
are open and can deal with past or current societies. The core of the *Asian
Sphere *teaching activity revolves around introductory core courses and
high-level seminars on trans-regional, trans-continental and trans-cultural
themes, each taught by two or more internationally renowned scholars. In
addition, students that are accepted to the program will participate in
yearly academic retreats, research trips in Israel and abroad, academic
conferences and other activities.

*For more information visit our web site: http://asian-sphere.huji.ac.il/
<http://asian-sphere.huji.ac.il/> *

*Criteria for the selection of candidates for the Asian Sphere Program
scholarship: *

 Proven academic excellence

 Preliminary research topic and interest that address cross-Asian topics
such as analysis of contacts or comparison between two or more regions or
cultures in Asia

 Candidates should secure in advance the agreement of potential advisor
(or advisors) of their thesis, from the University of Haifa or the Hebrew

*Registration for the Asian Sphere Program*:

Interested individuals are requested to send the following documents
(combined into one electronic file) to our mail address. Documents in
languages other than English or Hebrew should be translated.

 Curriculum vitae

 Report of grades (BA, MA)

 Abstract of one’s Master's

 A writing sample in English (recommended)

 A document describing one’s research interests, presenting the research
questions that interest the candidate, the research context, the research
methodology and how the research topic is related to the goals and scope of
the *Asian Sphere *Program (up to 500 words)

 Two letters of recommendation to be sent separately to the program
coordinator at AsianSphere at gmail.com

 A written consent from the proposed thesis advisor(s) from the University
of Haifa or the Hebrew University

*Requirements of the Asian Sphere Program and Renewal of the scholarship*:

 Doctoral students must participate in our two core courses and in at
least three of the program’s interdisciplinary seminars (16 course credits
all together) as well as actively participation in the program yearly
academic retreat and other activities of the program.

 Annual renewal of the scholarship will be dependent on demonstrated
progress of the *Asian Sphere *fellows and on continued recommendation from
their thesis supervisor.

 To pass from the first to the second year Ph.D. students will have to
participate in one core course and at least two of the program’s seminars,
write at least one seminar paper, complete their Ph.D. proposal which will
be approved by their advisor(s), and successfully advance from stage A to
stage B in their doctorate program.

 To pass from the second to the third year Ph.D. students will have to
submit a report with regard to their academic progress and complete at
least one chapter of their dissertation approved by their advisor(s).

 Ph.D. students will be encouraged to submit research articles to refereed
journals and required to present at least one paper in an international
conference held during either the second or the third year of the program.

 For additional information regarding terms of acceptance and the
procedures, contact Prof. Gideon Shelach (Gideon.shelach at mail.huji.ac.il)
and Prof. Rotem Kowner (kowner at research.haifa.ac.il).

 *All the documents should be sent to the Asian Sphere Scholarships
Committee by January 31, 2016 to this email address: *AsianSphere at gmail.com
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