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Dear list members,

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Summer 2015 issue (vol.
55, no. 2) of the *Korea Journal.*

The year 2015 marks multiple historical anniversaries for both the Korean
peninsula and the world. Often dubbed the most atrocious and devastating
war in the history of humankind, World War II ended 70 years ago. Efforts
for world peace in lieu of the establishment of the United Nations see a
70th anniversary this coming October. This year, Korea also celebrates its
70th year since liberation from the Japanese Empire. Coincidentally, 50
years have passed since South Korea and Japan established a normalized
diplomatic relations. On a grimmer note, we now observe 70 years of
separation between the two Koreas.

Marking this historical year, the Korea Journal wishes to revisit the ways
modern Korean history has been composed and debated. Professor Choi, the
Korea Journal’s co-editor for social sciences, in his Editorial Statement
for this issue, calls for the combined synergy of Korea-born theories and
Western theories in deepening understanding of Korea. As a way to bridge
local and global discourses and build a forum for both domestic and
international scholars, the Editorial Team has selected six articles that
together address the bigger question of constructing Korean history from
both inside and outside Korea. These articles each merit attention and
contribute to their respective sub-fields.

The articles do not directly address the issue of combining Korean and
Western theories, but the Editorial Team believes they pave the way for
such cooperation to emerge from the field of Korean Studies, which will not
only enhance our knowledge of Korean society but also provide a valuable
analytical tool for understanding the wider context. Given the questionable
feasibility on an institutional level, including current barriers within
Korean academia, however, strategic efforts are required to realize this
aspiration, as debated in the book reviews and author interview pub­lished
in this issue.

Many occasions for dialogue have been initiated this year between
historians around the world, and we cherish these concerted efforts to
prevent the repetition of mass casualties and are reminded to be cogni­zant
of the lessons emerging from these events in history. The Editorial Team
hopes to contribute to these dialogues through the articles present­ed in
this issue of the *Korea Journal*.

The articles and book reviews are as follows:


LIM Chaisung
 Korean Cattle and Colonial Modernization in the Japanese Empire: *From
“Cattle of the Peninsula” to “Cattle of the Empire”*

 PARK Yunjae
 Commercialization of Medicine in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century in

MOON Kyoung-Yeon
 Korea/Culture as the Chosen Photographic Object: *Focusing on *Culture

Jein DO
 The Fall of Ideology in Fraternal Socialism: *Sino-North Korean Divergence
over the American Threat, 1965–1966*

KIM Young-Soo
 Russian and Japanese Diplomatic Responses on Interrogations Records of Ahn

LEE SinCheol
History Textbook Dialogue in Northeast Asia and the European Experience: *From
the Transferring of Experience to Mutual Exchange*


*Silla Hwabaekjedo-wa Hwarangdo *(The system of councils of nobles and
the *hwarang
*order in Silla) By Park Nam-su

CHOI Ik-Hyeon
*Who are Transnational Middlemen Intellectuals? *Review of *Jibaebadneun
jibaeja: miguk yuhak-gwa hanguk eliteu-ui tansaeng *(Dominated Dominators:
U.S. Degrees and the Birth of Korean Elites) By Jongyoung Kim

CHOI Ik-Hyeon
Competition in the Global Intellectual Field Essential to Overcoming
Dependency on Western Academia (Interview with Prof. Kyung-Man Kim)

We welcome submissions of articles and book reviews in the field of Korean
Studies. For further information on submission guidelines, please refer to
the journal's web page: http://www.ekoreajournal.net/submission/index.htm.

All the best,

Korea Journal
Korean National Commission for UNESCO
26 Myeongdong-gil (UNESCO Road)
Jung-gu, Seoul 100-810, South Korea
Tel. +82-2-6958-4118/4161


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