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Dear List Moderators,

We will be most appreciative if you can post this announcement, including the attachments, on the list.

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John Duncan and Ross King

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are pleased to announce to opening of the Inter-University Center for advanced academic Korean based at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul.

The Inter-University Center for Korean Language Studies at SKKU (hereafter the IUC or Center) has been established as an advanced Korean language training institution for academic researchers, graduate students, and prospective researchers in Korean Studies as well as related professionals. The campus for the Center is located within the SKKU humanities and social sciences campus (Seoul), and is jointly operated by SKKU and a consortium of North American, Latin American, European and Australasian universities. Universities that have either committed to or have expressed strong interest in membership in the consortium include UCLA, UBC, Harvard, Hawaii, USC, Georgetown, Columbia, Michigan, Chicago, the Australian National University, the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and the University of Pennsylvania.

The mission of the Center is to provide intensive high-level Korean language training (including required instruction in sinographs in their Sino-Korean readings and related vocabulary & optional instruction in hanmun for specialists in pre-modern topics) needed for excellent academic performance in Korean Studies, and to promote the learners’ ability in presenting research papers, accessing primary sources, and translating between Korean and their own languages.  We welcome graduate students, researchers, and professionals with high proficiency in English, and whose Korean language proficiency is TOPIK level four or higher, or who have completed four years of university level Korean language courses.  In order to enhance the effectiveness of instruction, class sizes will be limited to no more than 8-10 students.

Guidelines for Applicants

1)      Dates, Tuition, Housing

Dates:   Fall:  September 1 - December 18, 2015 (16 weeks);  Spring:  March 2 - June 17, 2016 (16 weeks)

* Admissions to the Spring Semester will be limited to students whose level of proficiency will allow them to take classes with students who have completed the Fall Semester.

* An intensive six-week program is provided during the summer recess (dates yet to be determined for summer 2016).

           Tuition: $ 8,000 per semester for students from IUC member universities;  $ 12,000 per semester for students from non-member universities.  (Tuition for summer sessions TBD; please see below for the Summer 2015 Pilot Program)  Scholarships may be available for a few applicants.

            Housing:   Dormitory accommodations will be provided free of charge at SKKU (double-occupancy; meals not included but communal kitchen facilities are available). Students can opt for residence outside SKKU dormitories, but the Center cannot provide financial support and information for outside lodging.

2)      Application process and Admissions

Application Dates:   Fall: July 15 - July 31, 2015; Spring: January 4-January 22, 2016

Application Requirements: Submit a completed application (attached) form which includes a simple writing task in Korean, and the certificate of Korean language proficiency and/or transcript of Korean language courses.   Application forms should be submitted to both the following email addresses:  iuckorea at skku.edu<mailto:iuckorea at skku.edu<mailto:iuckorea at skku.edu%3cmailto:iuckorea at skku.edu>> & iucskku at gmail.com<mailto:iucskku at gmail.com<mailto:iucskku at gmail.com%3cmailto:iucskku at gmail.com>>.

Admissions Decisions:  Admission decisions will be based on the results of the application and Korean composition, TOPIK score and/or applicants’ track record in Korean language training.  Successful applicants will be notified individually.

* If, after admittance, a student lags seriously in language performance, the Center will require the student to take extra coursework (ex. general SKKU language courses, tutoring, etc.).

Detailed Description of IUC Program:  Please refer to the attached call for applications for Fall 2015.

3) Summer 2015 Pilot Program.

The Center will be offering a seven-week pilot program, beginning  on July 6 and ending on August 14.  We have set the tuition for the pilot session at a very low rate ($1,500 for member universities, $2,500 for non-member universities) and SKKU has made arrangements for our students to stay in their dormitories free of charge.  Please refer to the attached call for applications for Summer 2015 for details.

Questions of a general nature about the IUC program can be addressed to the consortium secretariat at:  koreanstudies at ucla.edu<mailto:koreanstudies at ucla.edu>.

Best regards,

Ross King and John Duncan

Consortium Co-chairs

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