[KS] Oriental Institute, Prague: postdoctoral fellowships

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Subject: Oriental Institute, Prague - postdoctoral fellowships

The Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague has
just opened a new call for postdoc positions for 2015-2016 (2017).

The positions are open for recent PhDs (with PhD no more then 2 years
old) and the following research focus:
- History, society and politics of modern and contemporary Japan
- History, society and politics of modern and contemporary KOREA
- Cultural and political developments of Chinese ethnic minorities from
 historical perspective focusing on their interactions with the government
 and one another
- Current socio-cultural and political transformations in Southeast Asia,
 focusing on one or more of these countries: Burma/Myanmar, Thailand,
 Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei and/or the Philippines.
- Contemporary India (history, religion, politics)

The complete calls are here: http://www.orient.cas.cz/lide/kariera.html.

Ondrej Beranek, Ph.D.
Director of the Oriental Institute
Czech Academy of Sciences
e-mail: beranek at orient.cas.cz

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