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The /Journal of Korean Religions/ (JKR) would like to announce the April 
2015 publication of Volume 6, Number 1, "Pure Land Buddhism in Korea."

This issue, guest edited by Richard McBride, is the first of its kind in 
English to focus on Pure Land teaching and practice in Korea. It also 
features the first in a series titled "Religious Thinkers of Modern 
Korea", edited by Jin Park and Timothy Lee, on ten great figures of 
Korean Buddhism and Christianity.

The Cult of the Pure Land of Maitreya in Paekche and Silla in the Three 
Kingdoms Period
by CHOI Yeonshik (Dongguk University)

The Pure Land of the One Mind in Wŏnhyo’s Thought
by KIM JongWook (Dongguk University)

The Cult of the Hwaŏm Pure Land of the Koryŏ Period as seen through 
Self-Power and Other-Power
by KIM Cheon-hak (Dongguk University)

Koryŏ Buddhist Paintings and the Cult of Amitābha: Visions of a 
Hwaŏm-Inspired Pure Land
by Richard D. McBRIDE II (Brigham Young University - Hawai'i)

The Establishment of the Approach of Chanting Amitābha’s Name and the 
Proliferation of Pure Land Buddhism in Late Chosŏn
by KIM Yongtae (Dongguk University)

The Otherworldly Counter-Discourse of Yŏmbul /pogwŏnmun/: An 
Eighteenth-century Pure Land Text
by Boudewijn WALRAVEN (Leiden University)

Special Series: Religious Thinkers of Modern Korea
Series Introduction
by Timothy S. LEE (Brite Divinity School) and Jin Y. PARK (American 

The Christian Spirituality of Cardinal Sou-hwan Kim: Contextualized and 
by Pyong-Gwan PAK (Sogang University)

_Research Article_
French Catholic Spirituality and the Nineteenth-century Korean Church
by Andrew J. FINCH

_Book Reviews_
/Reflections of a Zen Buddhist Nun/. Kim Iryŏp, trans. Jin Y. Park.
Reviewed by Mark A. NATHAN (University of Buffalo)

/Engraving Virtue: The Printing History of a Premodern Korean Moral 
Primer/. Young Kyun Oh.
Reviewed by Gregory N. EVON (University of New South Wales)

/Eastern Learning and the Heavenly Way/. Carl Young.
Reviewed by Paul BEIRNE (Yarra Theological Union)

/A History of Korean Christianity/. Sebastian C.H. Kim and Kirsteen Kim.
Reviewed by Sean C. KIM (University of Central Missouri)

/Songs of Seoul: An Ethnography of Voice and Voicing in Christian South 
Korea/. Nicholas Harkness.
Reviewed by Kyung-Nan KOH (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Our next issue, Vol. 6 No. 2, October 2015, will be a theme issue on 
“Religion, War, and Peace in Korea.”

We also want to inform scholars from all disciplines about our 
continuing call for papers on all topics pertaining to Korean religion. 
Submissions and inquiries should be sent to the Managing Editor: 
journalkr at sogang.ac.kr
Style guidelines can be found here: http://bit.ly/JKRsubguide

For more information about the Journal of Korean Religions, please see 
our journal's website: http://jkr.sogang.ac.kr/
You can also find us digitally on Project Muse, JSTOR, and the Thomson 
Reuters A&HCI.

Best wishes,
Kim Seong-nae
Don Baker
Editors-in-Chief, /Journal of Korean Religions ///
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