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James B. Lewis jay.lewis at orinst.ox.ac.uk
Sun May 31 09:10:41 EDT 2015

Dear Brother Anthony,

Thank you very much! I wasn't aware of this service. It may help us to 
move away from paying subscriptions for databases.

Jay Lewis

On 31/05/2015 13:21, Brother Anthony wrote:
> A discussion in the Facebook Koreanists group has made me realize
> that many people do not know about a recent development in the
> availability of articles published in academic journals in Korea.
> Until now such articles were available to some extent, often on
> purchase, through the commercial site DBpia. This has now been
> replaced by the National Research Foundation's own site, where it
> seems that most if not all the academic associations which have been
> approved (1768 journals 등재) or are candidates for approval (408
> journals 후보) have been persuaded to upload the electronic texts of
> the articles published in their journals since 2002. There are no
> limitations, no signing up or signing on is needed.
> The pages are available in Korean and in English. The starting point
> for a search of journal titles (학술지검색)  is at
> https://www.kci.go.kr/kciportal/po/search/poSereSear.kci  and there a
> choice can be made between working in Korean or English (but almost
> all the journals listed are in fact in Korean with Korean names of
> course, but everything has been translated). Assuming that one knows
> the title of the journal required, that is typed as the search term
> (or the ISSN, or the publishing organization's name). Clicking the
> search button gives a page with basic information about the journal
> and, most important, a link to "최근발행정보 / Current issue" and clicking
> on that date opens a smaller window containing not only the TOC of
> the latest volume available but also a drop-down menu giving access
> to the TOC of every volume (and number) published since 2002.
> Clicking on the title of an article brings the English-language
> abstract into the first search page and there is (at least in the
> best, though not all cases) a button after the title of the article
> above the abstract marked "KCI 원문" which opens a PDF file of the
> complete article. This file can then be saved, searched, or portions
> can be copied and pasted. The label 'KCI' Korean Citation Index
> suggests that the motivation for this new initiative is to increase
> the number of citations of Korean journals in international scholarly
> activity, but the entire resource is of course enormously helpful,
> especially when the full text is available. Searches by the article's
> title or the author's name or by topic are also possible, of course.
> I think many might want to know about this. Perhaps others can expand
> or improve on this basic information.
> Brother Anthony Sogang / Dankook Universities

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