[KS] Conference announcement: The EU and North Korea – political, economic and humanitarian perspectives

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Conference announcement: The EU and North Korea - political, economic and humanitarian perspectives

Dear list members, 

you are all invited to the conference The EU and North Korea - political, economic and humanitarian perspectives on December 4th, 2015, in Seoul. 

Organized by Graduate School of Public Administration(GSPA, BK21 Plus Progam) – Seoul National UniversityHanns Seidel Foundation Korea (HSS) Hosted by Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA,BK21 Plus Progam) – Seoul National University Description:  In 2016, theEU and North Korea will look back on 15 years of difficult, and “critical”engagement. While, after a short honeymoon period, the resurfacing of thenuclear crisis in 2002, the subsequent nuclear tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013 andthe numerous missile tests in disregard of UN Security Council sanctions aswell as the dismal human rights record of North Korea exposed by the UN CoImade deeper political engagement difficult, the EU remained throughout thecrises and important donor of humanitarian aid and the most important source ofcapacity-building in North Korea. At the same time, there was not only powertransition from Kim Jong-Il to Kim Jong-Un, but also a gradual change ofeconomic policies. Recently, after a long hiatus also the political dialoguewas restarted, including some preliminary discussions on the human rightsdialogue. Does this open the chance for deeper engagement? This conferencebrings together academics and policy makers to discuss this question and thepossible trajectories of EU-DPRK relations in the future.   
 Note: This conference will be heldonly in English language. There won´t be a translation intoKorean available.

Conference programme  Date                December4th Place               Graduate School of Public Administration, SeoulNational University                         57 Building, Room 203 09.00-09.30        Registration 09.30- 09.50    Opening ceremony                                                Openingremarks of                Kim Dongwook,Dean of GSPA, SNU                                                            BernhardSeliger, HSF Korea 09.50-10.20     Keynote speech                        ParkSung-Jo, Free University Berlin (em.)                        “EU– North Korea relations: incompatible or indispensible” 
 10.20–10.30    Coffee break 10.30-12.30First session: Economic relationsand capacity-building Moderator: Jung Kwang Ho, GSPA, SNU BenjaminKatzeff-Silberstein, University of Pennsylvania“The role ofmarkets in North Korea and their impact on society and economy”                         Dieter Schmitt, East-West Business &Consulting (EWBC)                        “EU-Korea economicrelations“  Thomas Winklehner, KoreaCarbon“Carbon tradeas a potential instrument for economic cooperation? A practitioners view”  12.30 - 14.00   Lunch break 14.00-14.45     Special Lecture Session of the EU Ambassador                         Moderator: Bernhard Seliger, HSF Korea  Gerhard Sabathil, EU Ambassador“EU – DPRK relations – challenges and prospects” 14.45-15.45     Second Session: Politicaland humanitarian relations                        Moderator: Park Myoung Kyu, IPUS,SNU                                                FredericOjardias, GSIS, SNU                         “EUhumanitarian and capacity-building aid to DPRK - practical insights”                         TomaszWierzbowski, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies                         “Track 2 dialogue and humanitarian aid fromEurope”15.45-16.15     Coffee break 16.15-17.45    Third Session:Managing Unification, Preparing for Unification – European and KoreanperspectivesModerator: Park Sung-Jo                          JörgMichael Dostal, GSPA, SNU                        "EgonBahr and West German Ostpolitik:                         What Lessons for South KoreanNordpolitik?"                         ChiYoung Hae, Oxford University                        "CanNorth Korean defectors play a role for Korean unification?" Yi Soon Hyung, SNU"East German Personality as an analytic tool for studying NorthKorean personality – what implications for future reconciliation andunification of Korea?" 17.45-18.00     Closing session ClosingremarksBernhardSeliger, HSF Korea  Dr. Bernhard SeligerHanns Seidel Stiftung - Korea OfficeRoom 501, Soo Young Bldg., 
13 Hannamdaero-20-kil
Seoul, Republic of Korea 04419
Tel.+ 82 2 790 5344Fax. + 82 2 790 5346
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