[KS] "Legacies of the Korean War Archive" Symposium: Saturday, October 17th, 2015

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*​​​The Center for Korean Studies *
*University of California, Berkeley*
*cordially invites you to*

*Legacies of the Korean War Archive: Korean Americans Recall the "Forgotten
October 17 | 3-6 p.m. | David Brower Center
<http://www.browercenter.org/>, 2150
Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Speakers: Namhee Lee <http://www.alc.ucla.edu/person/namhee-lee/>, UCLA; Ramsay
Liem <https://www.bc.edu/schools/cas/psych/people/affiliated/liem.html>,
Boston College; Deann Borshay Liem <http://www.mufilms.org/about/>, Mu
Films; JT Takagi <http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0847056/>, Third World Newsreel

Sponsors: Center for Korean Studies (CKS) <http://ieas.berkeley.edu/cks/>, Cal
Humanities <http://www.calhum.org/>, UC Humanities Research Institute
<http://uchri.org/>, Korea Policy Institute <http://kpolicy.org/>, Channing
& Popai Liem Educational Foundation, Asia Society Northern California

Whereas most wars are commemorated on the anniversaries of their official
end-dates, the Korean War, which has yet to be resolved by a peace process,
has outlasted the lives of many who witnessed its brutality firsthand.
Paradoxically enshrined in the United States as a “forgotten war,” as
American veterans point out, the Korean War has spawned other legacies of
forgetting, including the obscuring of survivor memory. Supported by grants
from Cal Humanities and the UC Humanities Research Institute, the “Legacies
of the Korean War” oral history initiative situates the testimonies of
Korean American war survivors as crucial to both the historical record and
community reflection, thereby challenging the narrow national security lens
via which the war is often narrated and understood. Not just a geopolitical
reality but, in human-centered terms, a tragedy, the war’s irresolution has
been borne out in the lives of aging Koreans in the diaspora, many of whom
witnessed the devastation of their hometowns, fled as battle-lines morphed
north and south, were separated from their families, were orphaned, were
pressed into military service, and have longed for reunion with family
members in North Korea. If central to the history of Korean emigration to
the United States—GI brides, chain-migration of families, adoptees—the
unresolved Korean War also reverberates as the structural basis for the
ongoing, tragic phenomenon of isan gajok, or separated families. By
prioritizing multigenerational survivor testimonies, supplemented by
scholarly insight, this event signals the launch of the “Legacies of the
Korean War” website. Featuring remarks by oral-history participants and
contributors, scholarly presentations on war memory, and screenings of
testimonial shorts, this event, by inaugurating an online, community-based,
diasporic archive, aims to enable long overdue reckoning with the past and
present of the Korean War, a war yet to be concluded with a peace agreement.

I. Welcoming remarks
II. “Survivor Memory and Korean War History,” Namhee Lee (UCLA)
III. “Korean American Oral History Projects,” panel featuring Ramsay Liem
(Boston College) and Missing Pieces team (K.W. Lee Center)
IV. Screening of Legacies of the Korean War web stories and launch of the
website, facilitated by Deann Borshay Liem and JT Takagi
V. “Remembering the ‘Forgotten War’: Korean War Survivors and Their
Descendants,” panel featuring Reverend Duk Joong Won, Insook Won, Dohee
Lee, and Eun-Joung Lee
VI. Closing remarks

Event MC: Christine Hong (UC Santa Cruz)

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