[KS] Publication Announcement: The Journal of Northeast Asian History (Volume 12, Issue 1)

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We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of The Journal of
Northeast Asian History has just been published. Please visit the Northeast
Asian History Foundation's English language website (uploaded under
‘Publication’ in the ‘Resources’ category at
http://www.historyfoundation.or.kr/eng/) to view the articles and book
reviews. The latest issue’s table of contents is as follows.

Marina K. Kovalchuk
Mori Arinori's Journey to Saint Petersburg in 1866: Images of Western
Backwardness and Threats of Modernization

Kristine Dennehy
The Propaganda Impact Still Belongs to the Russians: Letters Home from
Kobe, 1957-1960

Unsuk Han
History Education and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia: Focusing on
the History Textbook Dialogues between South Korea and Japan

*<Conference Report>*
Kyung-sook Keum, Seong-je Lee, Hyun-sook Kim, Kwang-eui Ko
"Koguryo Stele Inscriptions as Historical Sources": A Panel at the
Association of Asian Studies 2014 Annual Conference

*<Book Reviews>*
Joshua Van Lieu
*A Korean War Captive in Japan, 1597-1600: The Writings of Kang Hang*

Marc A. Matten
*Empire and Identity in Guizhou: Local Resistance in Qing Expansion*

João Teles e Cunha
*Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese in Maritime Asia, c.1585-1800: Merchants,
Commodities and Commerce*

Adam Bohnet
*Wrongful Deaths: Selected Inquest Records from Nineteenth-Century Korea*

Annika A. Culver
*Manchukuo's Intoxicating Cultural History: Japanese-Occupied Northeast
China and the Precarious Manchurian Environment*

The Journal of Northeast Asian History is a peer-reviewed journal that
focuses on interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to such issues as
borders, identity, historical maps, history education, international
relations, and other topics. In addition to this thematic diversity, the
Journal’s geographical scope extends to other parts of Asia and beyond,
thus inviting scholarly engagement in rethinking globalism and localism.

The Journal of Northeast Asian History welcomes the submission of
competitive and challenging papers for review and possible publication.

Please contact us at jnah at nahf.or.kr or jnah.nahf at gmail.com should you have
any questions regarding the journal, its submission process or subscription
to it.
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