[KS] Mac Users / Korean: WARNING! (Update to OS X El Capitan)

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Wed Sep 30 00:32:43 EDT 2015

Dear All:

A good number of you might use Macs.
This is my warning to you to NOT to update to the new Mac OS X "El 
Capitan," to be released in a few hours. "El Capitan" (10.11)  follows 
the present "Yosemite." Unless you hear otherwise and have confirmed 
that below issues have been fixed, I strongly suggest to wait with any 
update -- that is, if you also use Han'gŭl and Hanja in your texts.

I have not see the FINAL release, only the last pre-release (last 
public beta). But there is no indication, no note anywhere that these 
issues are fixed.

In many of your programs (applies to all Microsoft Office programs such 
as MS Word, both MS Word for Mac 2011 and the new Word 2016) you 
 (a) get problems writing more than one syllable in Han'gŭl ... the 2nd 
syllable will of a word will show some bogus letters (so you have to 
delete that, and re-write that 2nd syllable as if it where the first of 
a word)
 (b) Hanja does not work at all in MS Word and Office programs (and 
many other programs) 
 (c) when opening an existing text with Han'gŭl and/or Hanja and then 
save that (e.g. after an edit), you will find irreversible 
(un-correctable), unwanted spaces after NUMBERS; for example: "2015 年" 
instead of "2015年"

In other older and very new program versions this all works fine, but 
as I mentioned, not so in MS Word, Excel, and others. It may thus be a 
smart idea to wait with any OS update until you know this has been 


Frank Hoffmann

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