[KS] Is the C14th Korean <Senyeon-ga> text extant?

Andrew zatouichi at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 10:25:56 EDT 2015

Dear all,

Could anyone knowledgeable on early Joseon literature, confirm for me if
the history-poem *Se'nyeon-ga* 世年歌 by Gwon Do (權蹈), son of Gwon Geun (陽村 權近
1352-1409) is extant or not?

As far as I have found, there are only two references to it in the Sejong
Sillok, one of which quotes just one line of it. The DB of Korean Classics
meanwhile seems only to have a preface. So I have been working on the
assumption that it is a lost text. For reference, these are the Sillok
extracts (in reverse order) with an explanation I'd drafted.

Sejong Sillok 世宗實錄:世宗實錄:十八年(1436年)十二月:世宗18年12月26日:
臣伏覩《世年歌》, 檀君, 朝鮮之始祖也。 其生也異於人, 其歿也化爲神, 其享國歷年之多, 未有若此也。 曩者殿下命攸司建廟致詞, 當其時也,
攸司未究其實, 請立廟於(於)平壤, 臣叔父寬辨論其非, 事未施行。 臣以《世年歌》考之, 檀君初都平壤, 後都白岳, 武丁八年乙未,
入阿斯達山爲神。 其歌曰: “享國一千四十八, 至今廟在阿斯達。”, 則豈無所據乎? 又況高麗建廟於九月山下, 其堂宇位版猶存, 與《世年歌》合,
臣愚以爲捨此而更立廟於他處, 恐非其所, 伏惟上裁。"

According to an earlier Sillok entry of the same year, this refers to an
augmented version of the *Lidai-shinian-ge* (歷代世年歌) by Song historian Zeng
Xianzhi (曾先之 - compiler of 『古今歷代十八史略』 1297) focused on Chinese history. The
Sillok entry records that Zeng's work was first annotated by Yun Hoe (尹淮
1380-1436), and appended with verses covering the Yuan period by Linjiang
Zhang Meihe (臨江 張美和) before Yijo-panseo Gwon Do (吏曹判書 權蹈) was ordered to
compile and annotate a Korean history section which starts from 'the dawn
of civilization' (開闢).

Sejong Sillok 世宗實錄:世宗實錄:十八年(1436年)十八年夏四月:世宗18年4月4日:
"○庚子/先是, 上念學者昧於史籍, 旣令修《資治通鑑訓義》。 且慮初學未能遍覩, 表章曾先之《歷代世年歌》, 命尹淮註釋, 獨元朝闕焉,
補以臨江張美和之詩。 至於東國年代, 亦不可不知也, 命吏曹判書權蹈撰次, 仍爲註解, 篇帙雖簡, 開闢以來, 運祚長短、國勢離合本末,
大略一覽瞭然。 至是令鑄字所印之, 頒賜于大小臣僚。"

However, now I discover last summer I took photos from a book of a text
claiming to be Gwon Do's *Senyeon-ga* 世年歌 - attached here. Problem is, I
cannot remember what book this was! If it's not otherwise attested, I
guess this cannot be authentic.

Grateful for any insights.

Andrew Logie
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