[KS] Who was Mr. Tscho Mago? (Berlin 1911)

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Thu Sep 10 02:54:26 EDT 2015

Seems I would not have needed to send this question around the globe 
for an answer. I could as well just have leaned out the window and yell 
Peter Schroepfer, probably less than a mile away, replied in a personal 
mail, suggesting that "Tscho Mago" might be Yi Kap 李甲. Thank you! 
Here a bio of Yi:

In spit of being a close associate of An Ch'ang-ho, I did not think of 
him as this is not one of his known pseudonyms. But yes, indeed, there 
are various letters archived, and memoirs (e.g. of his son), and going 
through them makes clear that it must have been him. He got seriously 
sick a month or so before An Ch'ang-ho came to St. Petersburg. And the 
date on that physician's letter then makes complete sense. He must have 
been to Berlin (and went there again a few months later) for about two 
weeks, being set up there by Kim Chung-se, the first Korean student in 
Germany, and receiving medical treatment. Then, later, from St. 
Petersburg he and Ch'oe Kwang sent various other Koreans one way or the 
other related to the Sinminhoe or the cause of Korean independence to 
Kim Chung-se in Berlin.

I am still very interested in who the first Korean student in Britain 
would have been -- my other posting.


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