[KS] Tracing Korean lineage from a chokpo

Hildi and S.W. Kang kangswh at comcast.net
Tue Apr 19 17:03:54 EDT 2016

Here ya go, Michael

Dear Korean Studies members,

Recently I received a request for help from a person wishing to learn their
family heritage by tracing and translating the direct line in their chokpo.

Quote: I'm reaching out in hopes of some direction on how I can get my
family's genealogy. I will pay for help. My ancestry comes from aristocracy
(for real) and can be found readily I understand but I do not speak or read
Korean. Can you please help?

 Of course, this takes a very specialized person or group of people with
expertise in classical Chinese, plus some amount of time to commit to the
project. Thus I turn to the study group.

I know there has been an up-swing in interest and courses taught in reading
and translating classical Chinese, with attendant work on translating
various ancient documents. I wonder: does anyone know of any persons or
offices willing to undertake such a project-to  trace and translate family

Thank you,

Hildi Kang
Family Lineage Records as a Source of Korean History
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