[KS] Question about execution sites in the late Joseon capital

Andy Jackson gp200 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 14 04:36:55 EST 2016

Dear list members, a happy new year to you all. I have a question about execution sites in late Joseon. Can anybody point me in the direction of good articles about the location of execution grounds in the late Joseon capital? I have read that prisoners about to be executed were led through the Little West Gate, but were they executed there or elsewhere? Timothy Brook writes in Death By a Thousand Cuts that market places were traditional execution sites in Qing period Beijing. Did market places have a similar function in late Joseon Korea? Were prisoners destined for dismemberment, decapitation and death by strangulation executed in different sites? Any help list members can give me on this gruesome topic will be gratefully received. Best, Andrew Jackson (University of Copenhagen)
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