[KS] Call for Papers: Second International Workshop, "The Reconstruction of East Asia, 1945-65", Cambridge University, UK, December 9-12, 2016

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Dear Colleagues,

With apologies for crossposting, we would be very grateful for your help in publicising the following announcement.

European Research Council Project “The Dissolution of the Japanese Empire and the Struggle for Legitimacy in Postwar East Asia, 1945-1965",and Dr. Barak Kushner, Principal Investigator, are pleased to announce the conference:

The Reconstruction of East Asia, 1945-65 

Cambridge University, UK, December 9-12, 2016

Aim of the conference: this gathering will question how the collapse of the Japanese empire affected the region and how a host of different and competing groups struggled to remap and revision East Asia in the aftermath of the end of empire. The effort will examine these events from an East Asian and transnational perspective.

Our goal is to generate new dialogues among scholars who work on a wide variety of historical and geographical perspectives, focusing on China, Japan, Korea (South and North), and Taiwan. Scholars researching aspects of military demobilization, law and responsibility, the reorganization of authority and new political ideologies, transformations in postwar society, culture, the manufacture of identity, the geo-political restructuring of borders, and ethnic or nationalist violence in reconstructed East Asia in the two decades following the end of World War Two are encouraged to apply.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

War crimes trials but moving beyond what is already starting to emerge in the field
Traitor trials and/or issues of collaboration
Peace treaty negotiations that shed new light on the era
Gender issues
Problems of migration arising in the immediate postwar
Purges in East Asia
Important incidents: such as the 2.28 incident, the Shibuya Incident, the Cheju Island Incident
The reapplication of law or creation of new courts in many countries and how they interacted
Memorial legacies and related subjects
Problems in demobilization, demilitarization
See the larger goals of the ERC project and a full write up of previous conferences and outputs at the ERC Project website: http://www.warcrimesandempire.com <http://www.warcrimesandempire.com/>. Questions about the project can be addressed to Dr. Barak Kushner, bk284 at cam.ac.uk <mailto:bk284 at cam.ac.uk>
**Deadline to send in a 500-word summary and 3-page CV for application: March 1, 2016.  Please email submissions to the conference address:reconstructionofeastasia at gmail.com <mailto:reconstructionofeastasia at gmail.com> 

Suitable participants will be contacted and will be kindly asked to send a full version of their paper by November 20, 2016 (5,000 words). The papers will be pre-circulated in order to facilitate discussion during the conference.

Travel costs (economy) and the costs of accommodation in Cambridge (3 nights) will be covered for all workshop participants. Workshop participants may be invited to submit their papers for publication.

We would be grateful for sharing this call for papers among interested scholars and colleagues.


Barak Kushner, PhD, 

Reader in Japanese History (Associate Professor)

Department of East Asian Studies/Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

University of Cambridge

Sidgwick Avenue

Cambridge CB3 9DA

United Kingdom

Fellow of Corpus Christi College

phone: 44 (0)1223-335-174

fax: 44 (0)1223-335-110

bk284 at cam.ac.uk <mailto:bk284 at cam.ac.uk>

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