[KS] Journal of Korean Studies Volume 21, no. 1 (Spring 2016) Available

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Thu Jun 2 18:30:40 EDT 2016

Dear Korea List Serve members,

It is my pleasure to announce that the Journal of Korean Studies Volume 21, no. 1 (Spring 2016) is now available.  Digital copies are available through Project Muse and hard copies are available through Rowman and Littelfield Press.  We dedicated the Spring Issue to Dr. Nancy Abellman who was an active member of our editorial board and a dear friend and colleague.   We believe this issue would have been of particular interest to her.  In addition to having a wide variety of topics in this issue we also have published our first interview "The Interview: Life of North Korean Author Paek Namnyong" by Immanuel Kim.

Here is a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:

Dedication: In Memory of Nancy Abelmann

Ch’anggyŏng Garden as Neo-Colonial Space: Spectacles of Anticommunist Militarism and 
Industrial Development in Early South(ern) Korea
Todd A. Henry

Dilemma of the Lovesick Hero: Masculine Images and Politics of the Body in Seventeenth-Century Korean Love Tales 
Janet Yoon-sun Lee

Blurring Boundaries: Mixed Residence, Extraterritoriality, and Citizenship in Seoul, 1876–1910
Sinwoo Lee

Woman in Ethnocultural Peril: South Korean Nationalist Erotic Films of the 1980s 
Yun-Jong Lee

Monetary Flows and the Movements of Children: The Transnational Adoption Industrial Complex 
Kimberly D. McKee

Shifting Agencies through New Media: New Social Statuses for Female South Korean Shamans Liora Sarfati

Family Is Beautiful: The Affective Weight of Mothers-In-Law in Family Talk in South Korea
Bonnie Tilland

The Interview: Life of North Korean Author Paek Namnyong
Immanuel Kim

Book Review Essays

Possible North Korea by Charles Armstrong

Chinese Scholarly Perspectives on Contemporary Sino–South Korean Relations
Reviewed by Qian Yong and Seong-Hyon Lee

Book Reviews

Death, Mourning, and the Afterlife in Korea: Ancient to Contemporary Times edited by Charlotte Horlyck and Michael J. Pettid
Reviewed by Donald Baker

Non-Traditional Security Issues in North Korea edited by Kyung-ae Park
Reviewed by Clint Work
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