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Yes, that's him ... Professor Oak found him:
  John Charles Edward Douglas (1876-1915)

A short bio is here, at his college home page:

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> Dear Prof. Park,
> Here is about Sir Douglas from China Mail, Who is Who in the Fart 
> East in 1906-07 (Hong Kong. China Mail, 1907.), p. 82.
> DOUGLAS, John Charles Edward (SHANGHAI), B.A. ; Merton Oxford, 
> Honours Jurisprudence, 1899; Barrister-at-law. Called to the Bar at 
> Grey's Inn, June 27, 1900; served in the Mines Department of the 
> British South Africa Company in Rhodesia, from Feb. to Sept., 1901; 
> appointed Registrar of the Supreme Court for China and Corea, and 
> also Chief Clerk, Aug. 31, 1901; acting Assistant Judge at Shanghai 
> from April 3, 1904 to July, 1905; is also Sheriff and Coronsr. 
> Address: Shanghai, China. 
> Best,
> Sung Deuk Oak

Frank Hoffmann

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