[KS] An Junggeun trial

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Mon Jun 20 08:57:19 EDT 2016

Here a postscript about Mikhailov's full name again:

Here is where you find that -- AND possibly in surviving issues of the 
_Taedong kongbo_.  

Konstantin Petrovich Mikhailov:

Since the 1970s the 국사편찬위원회 has published a multi-volume series 
called "한국독립운동사 자료" -- for many years their main publication 
project. Some of the first volumes cover the Koreans in the Russian Far 
East and An Chung-gŭn (other volumes added to that in the 1990s).

Please have a look at volume 7 ... here the online version:

  ==> especially vol. 7:
    "미하이로프" ==>
His FULL name appears here ==>
      --> 콘스탄친 페드로위치 미하이로프  (sic!)
The "-친" in "콘스탄친" must be a typo, I suppose, should be "콘스탄틴":
     콘스탄틴 페드로위치 미하이로프

Just a little effort does the trick, that's all.
And I am sure if you go through Russian language materials REAL 
CAREFULLY you might even find what he liked to eat for breakfast :)

But the above documents are already pretty well explaining the 
situation in any case. 
As for his title, I was not sure before ... it was indeed 사장, 
whatever that means in the case of a journal. 


Frank Hoffmann

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