[KS] Review of several recent books on North Korea in TLS, out today and free online

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Thu Mar 3 02:28:11 EST 2016

Dear friends and colleagues,
This week's Times Literary Supplement, out today  (Thurs 3 March),
carries a substantial - almost 3,000 words - review by me of 
nine recent books on North Korea, both scholarly and  popular.
I hope this is of interest, though written for  non-specialists.
I've sought to convey a sense of the variety and vibrancy of 
DPRK studies, and some of the issues and debates  therein.
(The timing, needless to add, is complete  coincidence.
This piece had been in the works for many  months.)
The TLS is mostly paywalled, but I'm happy to say  that 
this article is freely available to read  online at 
With belated Samil greetings to one and all,
Aidan FC
Aidan  Foster-Carter 
Honorary Senior Research  Fellow in Sociology & Modern Korea, Leeds 
University,  UK 
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