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Dear administrator, Would you please consider adding myrecently published book to the Korean Studies list? It is a valuable contribution to Koreansport history and Korean studies in general.The book was published by Routledge in aseries about Sport History. Please see the description or follow thelink below:
Taekwondo: From a Martial Art to a Martial Sport (Routledge Research in Sports History)                                         This book provides a comprehensive overview of the historical, political, and technical evolution of taekwondo. Many of the supposedly ‘traditional’ and ‘ancient’ Korean cultural elements attached to taekwondo are, in fact, remnants of East Asia’s modernization drive, and largely inherited from the Japanese martial arts. The current historical portrayal has created an obstacle to a clear understanding of the history of taekwondo, and presents problems and contradictions in philosophy and training methodology. Using rich empirical data, including interviews with leading figures in the field, this book brings together martial arts philosophy with an analysis of the technical aspects and the development of taekwondo, and provides a detailed comparison of karate and taekwondo techniques. It debunks nationalistic mythology surrounding taekwondo to provide a reinterpretation of taekwondo’s evolution.


I hope that you consider my request.
Best regards,
Udo Moenig

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