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Hosted by the Research Institute of Korean Studies at Korea UniversitySponsored by the Pony Chung FoundationPony Chung Fellowship for Young Korean Studies Scholars PROGRAM OBJECTIVESThe Research Institute of Korean Studies (RIKS) at Korea University, with support from the Pony Chung Foundation, has established the ‘Pony Chung Fellowship’ for Young Korean Studies Scholars. The goal of this program is to provide young international scholars in the field of Korean Studies with financial support, a suitable research infrastructure, as well as a platform in which to share ideas and research outcomes with others in the field. These components will help scholars develop their topics and expand their research, thereby contributing to the overall development and globalization of Korean Studies. Prospective participants are invited to submit an application. ELIGIBILITY○ Researchers of non-Korean nationality who have received their PhD in the field of Korean Studies※ The sphere of Korean Studies includes humanities and social sciences,as well comparative international research with a focus on Korean Studies※ Korean citizens who hold dual citizenship are eligible to apply※ Scholars of South Korean nationality are encouraged to apply to the ‘Pony Chung Scholarship Grant’(http://www.ponychung.org/program/program_02.asp)○ Applicants must have received their doctoral degree within 5 years of thestart of funding (Some exceptions may apply)○ Applicants who have concrete plans to publish their research findings througha foreign university press within 3 years of the start of funding are given precedence NUMBER AND DURATION OF APPOINTMENT○ Number of Appointments: 2○ Duration of Funding: March 2017 – February 2018 FELLOWSHIP BENEFITS○ Pony Chung Research Funding: Up to 50,000,000 KRW (≒43,000 USD)/year○ Publication Funding: 10,000,000 KRW (≒8,600 USD)○ Appointed as a research professor by the president of Korea University○ Shared office space will be provided at the Research Institute of Korean Studies○ Assistance in making arrangements to live in Korea University dormitory APPLICATION PROCEDURE1. Application: June 30, 2016     2. Initial Review: July 2016        3. Interview (If required): August 2016 4. Final Decision: August 30, 2016 ※ PONY CHUNG Fellowship Selection Committee will carry out evaluations REQUIRED DOCUMENTS- CV- Research Statement- One (1) letter of recommendation: Letter of recommendation should be emailed directly by the referee at: riks_edu at korea.ac.kr DUTIES OF BENEFICIARIES- Present a lecture related to research- Participation in academic events, seminars, and research, etc. at RIKS- Submission of research results report(within 3 months after end of Fellowship, March – May 2018) OTHER INFORMATION○ Those who have received disciplinary actions related to research funding from the Korean government or domestic support organizations are not eligible to apply○ Submission Deadline: June 30, 2016※ Documents received after the deadline will not be considered○ Decision Notification: August 2016(A decision notice will be sent to the applicant)○ Application: Email application only (riks_edu at korea.ac.kr)○ Contact Information: Research Planning Department,Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea UniversityTelephone: +82-2-3290-2494 / Email: riks_edu at korea.ac.kr
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