[KS] [Join Us] Perspectives on Contemporary Korea conference "Korean Families in Economic and Demographic Transition" Nov 11 &12

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Mon Nov 7 10:55:06 EST 2016

The University of Michigan Nam Center for Korean Studies is pleased to
announce its 6th Perspectives on Contemporary Korea conference:

*Korean Families in Economic and Demographic Transitions: *
*Parenting, Children's Education, and Social Mobility*

Nov  11 & 12, 2016.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI
West Conference Room, Rackham Building

South Korean families with children have changed significantly during the
last few decades in composition, structure, and function. Major demographic
changes, including the rise of divorce, and increase of marriage between
Koreans and foreigners, have diversified Korean families. Moreover, the
recent trends of rising economic inequality and deteriorating job security
have posed serious challenges to many families, particularly at the lower
end of socioeconomic hierarchy. How do Korean parents and children cope
with the economic and demographic challenges? How do the economic and
demographic trends in Korea contribute to widening disparities in family
environments? When families struggle with economic strain and family
instability, how do extended family networks work to provide economic,
social, and emotional support to vulnerable family members? These questions
of how families fare at the crossroads of economic and demographic changes,
and whether families can rely on family ties in navigating the crossroads,
are particularly important in Korea that has traditionally weak public

For program details, including speakers, sessions, and paper titles, please
check out our program online
see below.

This conference is open to the public and all are invited to attend.

For those who cannot travel to Ann Arbor, select sessions will be available
via live streaming
 (goo.gl/OBqblk) All times are in EST.

We invite you to submit questions to the panelists for the Q&A via twitter
@MichiganKorea or our facebook page @NamCenter during the sessions.

*Do-Hee Morsman | 정도희*
Center Administrator  | 실장

4661 SSWB | 1080 S. University Ave. | Ann Arbor,  MI  48109-1106
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Friday November 11, 2016

9:50-10:00       Welcoming Remarks

Nojin Kwak (Nam Center/Department of Communication Studies, University of

10:00-10:20     Introduction to the Conference

Hyunjoon Park (Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania)

10:20-12:00     1st Session - Parenthood, Class, and Social Mobility

Eunsil Oh (Department of Sociology, Harvard University) *Social Class,
Motherhood, and Childrearing: Evidence from South Korea*

Caren Freeman (Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia) *South
Korea’s New Emotion Manager: Mothers at the Crossroads of the
Psychological, the Neoliberal and the Divine*

So Jin Park (Institute for Social Development Studies, Yonsei
University) *Qualitative
Inquiry of Korean Families and Parents in the Eyes of their Children amidst
Family Social Mobility*

Discussant: Bonnie Tilland (East Asia International College, Yonsei

13:30-15:10     2nd Session - Family and Children's Well-being I

Yean-Ju Lee (Department of Sociology, University of Hawaii) *Class,
Gender-role Attitudes, and Parenting for Young Children*

Hyeyoung Woo (Department of Sociology, Portland State University) *Does
Marriage Still Matter? Parental Marital Status and Children's Health in

Soo-yong Byun (Department of Education Policy Studies, Pennsylvania State
University) *Consequences of Educational Assortative Marriage for
Children's Academic Achievement in South Korea*

Discussant: Paul Chang (Department of Sociology, Harvard University)

15:30-16:40     3rd Session- Family and Children's Well-being II

Haram Jeon (Center for Social Cohesion Education, Korea University) *Is
Parenting Required Even for College Students? - The Relationship between
Living without Parents and Obesity among Young Adults*

Hyunjoon Park (Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania) *Do
Grandparents' Education Matter for Grandchildren's Educational Attainment
in Korea?*

Discussant: Soo-yong Byun (Department of Education Policy Studies,
Pennsylvania State University)

16:40-17:10     Wrap Up Discussion
Saturday November 12, 2016

9:30-11:10        4th Session - Changing Meanings of Family and Gender

Bonnie Tilland (East Asia International College, Yonsei University) *Kwinong
kwich'on kwihyang ("back-to-the-land") Discourse of Young South Korean
Families: Exchanging “Hell Choseon” for Breathing Room (yeoyu)*

Irene Yung Park (Underwood International College, Yonsei University) *The
Changing Face of the Korean Family: Popular Representations of Multi-child

Byung Soo Lee (Department of Sociology, University at Buffalo, SUNY) *Changes
of the Gender Roles of Working Women in Korean Immigrant Families Living in
the United States*

Discussant: Allison Alexy (Department of Asian Languages and Cultures,
University of Michigan)

11:30-12:40      5th Session - Immigration and Family

Aggie Noah (School of Social Transformation, Arizona State
University)* Parental
Divorce and School Dropout among School-Age Children of Multicultural
Families in South Korea*

Paul Chang (Department of Sociology, Harvard University) *Hypergamy or
Homogamy? Status Differential and Marital Satisfaction among Marriage
Migrants in Korea*

Discussant: Hyeyoung Woo (Department of Sociology, Portland State

14:00-15:40      6th Session - Demographic and Economic Changes and Family

Jooyeoun Suh (Center for Time Use Research, University of Oxford) *Nonstandard
Work Hours and Quality of Life in South Korea*

Jihye Oh (Department of Sociology, Yonsei University) *Delaying? or
Accelerating?  : The Timing and Possibility of Marriage of Single Men and
Women in Korea*

Soo-Yeon Yoon (Department of Sociology, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign) *Integrating Men's Gender Roles and Fertility Attitudes
into the Study of Low Fertility in South Korea*

Discussant: Yean-Ju Lee (Department of Sociology, University of Hawaii)

16:00-16:20      Wrapping Up: Overall Discussion
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