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The Journal of Korean Religions (JKR) would like to announce the 2016
publication of Volume 7, Number 2, "Urban Aspirations in Seoul."

This issue, guest edited by Jin-Heon Jung and Peter van der Veer, is the
culmination of work by the Seoul Lab research team in conjunction with the
larger comparative urban research project of the Max Planck Institute for
the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. Aimed at dispelling ideas
positing the modern city as inherently secular, the articles here show how
religions are integral to the process of modernization within the city,
offering not only comfort amidst the turmoil, but also offering identities,
practices, thoughts, and beliefs in the service of transforming that
turmoil into something better.
These articles, together with the latest of a continuing series on Korea’s
modern religious thinkers, on Ham Sŏkhŏn and his “dynamistic philosophy,”
contribute to another issue of wide-ranging, penetrating insight on the
incredibly dynamic and important world of Korean religion.

Engaged Buddhism for the Curative Self among Young Jungto Buddhist
Practitioners in South Korea
Hyun Mee KIM and Si Hyun CHOI

Ummah in Seoul: The Creation of Symbolic Spaces in the Islamic Central
Masjid of Seoul
Doyoung SONG

The Politics of Officially Recognizing Religions and the Expansion of Urban
‘‘Social Work’’ in Colonial Korea
Michael KIM

Punching Korean Protestantism: Challenging from within through a Televised
Theological Roundtable
Seung Min HONG

The Religious-Political Aspirations of North Korean Migrants and Protestant
Churches in Seoul
Jin-Heon JUNG

Religious Thinkers of Modern Korea

Ham Sŏkhŏn and the Rise of the Dynamistic Philosophy of History in Korea
Halla KIM

Book Reviews
Korean Popular Beliefs. Yong Bhum Yi, Kyung Yup Lee, Jong Seong Choi, and
Boudewijn Walraven.
Reviewed by Dong Kyu KIM

God Pictures in Korean Contexts: The Ownership and Meaning of Shaman
Paintings. Laurel Kendall, Jongsung Yang, and Yul Soo Yoon.
Reviewed by Boudewijn Walraven

죽음을 넘어서: 순교자 이순이의 옥중 편지. Chugŭm ŭl nŏmŏsŏ: sun’gyoja Yi Suni ŭi
okchung p’yŏnji [Beyond death: the prison letters of martyr Yi Suni]. 정병설
Chŏng Pyŏngsŏl.
Reviewed by Deberniere Torrey

Our next issue, Vol. 8 No. 1, April 2017, will be on the study of Wŏnhyo
and guest edited by Eunsu Cho and Robert Buswell.

We continue to encourage scholars from all disciplines about our continuing
call for papers on all topics pertaining to Korean religion. Submissions
and inquiries should be sent to the Managing Editor: journalkr at sogang.ac.kr.
Style guidelines can be found at http://bit.ly/JKRsubguide

For more information about the Journal of Korean Religions, please see our
journal's website: http://jkr.sogang.ac.kr/ You can also find us digitally
on Project Muse, JSTOR, and the Thomson Reuters A&HCI.

Best wishes,
Kim Seong-nae
Don Baker
Editors-in-Chief, Journal of Korean Religions
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